10 Things I Like Part 3

Since I went all heavy depressive on your ass yesterday, today, I decided to lighten things up again with another things I like post.

1. I love the smell of the world after it rains, especially in Los Angeles. We have such bad air quality normally that you really notice a difference when it rains.

Los Angeles before rain.
Los Angeles before the rain.
Los Angeles After the rain.
Los Angeles after the rain.

2. I like the weather this time of year. I hate summers here. They are way too hot. Winter in LA is where it’s at. This week, it’s sunny between 75-80 degrees (23-27 C) with a light breeze. It’s absolutely perfect.

3. Toots And The Maytals. The other day, The Imaginator wrote a post about things that immediately make him feel better. I replied that my things are going to the dog park and Toots. Toots and the Maytals are my happy music. If I’m grumpy, I put it on. By the time I get where I’m going, I almost always feel better. After that, I usually play my whole Trojan Records/Studio One playlist.

4. I like snuggling. Either with my dog, cat or Male. Just having contact with another living, breathing being is sometimes all it takes to make you feel better. Even if my dog does growl at me when she’s really tired and I try to spoon her. Actually, now that I think about it, Male will growl at me if I try to snuggle him when he’s really tired, too. At least my cat is an excellent snuggler.

5. I like it when words form in my mind. It’s a fascinating process really. It usually happens when I’m in the shower, driving or trying to take a nap. A concept will pop into my head and then a sentence. That sentence will be followed by another one until they form a paragraph. At that point, I have to hop out of the shower, pull over or get out of bed and write them down or they’ll keep pestering me until I do.

6. I like being proud of something I created. A lot of the posts I write are mainly just silliness. Every now and again, I write a post that I’m genuinely proud of and wouldn’t mind other people reading. At least I share my writing. I’m even more self-conscious about my art, but I’ve been better about that lately, too.

7. I like when silence isn’t awkward. I’ve known most of my friends long enough now that we can sit in silence for a minute and not talk. Male and I seem to have a lot of moments like that and it’s very nice not having to worry about keeping up conversation. We know all of each other’s stories now anyway.

8. I like unnecessary adrenaline. When you nearly hit someone who cut you off, but you don’t. When you think there’s no way you’re going to stop in time, but you do. When you nearly get run over by a car turning into the cross walk, but you don’t. Moments like that make you feel like Superman.

9. I like sincere compliments. Some people get embarrassed by them, but I don’t. I only get embarrassed by insincere compliments like “have you lost weight?” Bah. Get out of here with that. Some of the most sincere compliments I’ve had have been right here on this blog. Thank you!

10. I like you. Yes, you. You, who are a part of the WordPress community; you, who is reading this now, thanks for reading. Thanks for your likes and comments. They always make my day and I’m always amazed at how many of you there are. xoxo.

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