Today’s Daily Post prompt was to write a story with an open ending and invite my readers to finish it. So, I’m going to do just that. If anyone would like to finish the story, please, leave it in a comment. 🙂

Daily Post prompt: Write a story or post with an open ending, and let your readers invent the conclusion.
Flash Fiction 365 prompt
: chance.



“Oh my god. I can’t believe you just did that.”

“What? It’s not like I killed her or anything. She’ll be alright in a minute.”

“No she won’t, David! She’s dead! She’s clearly not breathing and blood has stopped gushing out of her head wound. You killed her!”

“She’s just faking it. She’ll be fine. See?” David bent down and rolled the prone body that was lying in a pool of blood onto its side. Two vacant eyes stared back at him. “Oh, shit.”


“What if she doesn’t come?”

“We’ve got enough information on her to send her to jail for the next twenty years. She’ll come.” Felicity only hoped her words would be true. She heard a noise. She and David both looked towards the barn door.

“Well, hello, lady and gent. What’s with all this skullduggery then? I wouldn’t have worn heels had I known this was an actual barn. When you said ‘the barn,’ I thought it was one of those kitschy restaurant names that city folks who need a change of pace are so fond of bestowing on country buildings that are nothing like barns.”

“Hello, Scarlet. Watch the manure.”

“Thanks. Now, what’s all this about then? Why are we meeting in an actual barn with actual animal droppings that’s 40 kilometers from where we live in the middle of the night? This all seems so French gangster movie. Wait, do they have barns in French gangster movies? Probably not…”

“We invited you here to discuss your part in the Harrister deal.”

“Oh, that old thing? Please, that was ages ago.”

“Don’t be coy. We know that you took money under the table. We know that instead of giving the money to the needy children or whatever, you pocketed it. We have proof.”

“What proof? Show me.” Scarlet held out her upturned hand.

“Don’t be daft. We didn’t bring it with us, ” Felicity pulled out her smart phone and pushed some buttons, “but here’s a picture.” Scarlet opened her handbag and put a hand in.

“Stop right there. You make another move, so help me, I’ll hit you with this.”

“Don’t be silly, David. I’m only…”


“What are we going to do? I think we better call the cops.”

“David, seriously, stop being an idiot. No, we’re not calling the cops. What are we going to say? ‘Hello, police? We were doing a bit of blackmail in the barn over here and it all went terribly rake-to-the-head. Can you send someone over to clean up the mess, please? That’s a dear.’ And what do you mean by ‘what are we going to do?’ You are the one who killed her.”

“You are just as much to blame for this as I am.”

“I am not the one who hit her!”

“Well, you are the reason she was here to be hit at all. If it weren’t for you and your cockamamie blackmail scheme, she wouldn’t have a rake wound.”

“Do not pull that shit with me, David. I did not kill her. You did.”

“Fuck you, Felicity. Fuck you. I was protecting you. She had a gun.”

“She very much did not have a gun!”

“Well, what do you call this then?” David picked up a pair of reading glasses that were covered in blood on the ground. “Oh. Well, I saw her reaching into her purse and I figured that she was fishing for a gun. It was random chance.”

Felicity sighed. “Chance, my ass. Once again, your figuring is all wrong, you idiot. She did not have a gun. She was reaching into her purse for reading glasses. She was not threatening in any way.”

“Well, it seemed that way to me. What are we going to do with her then?”

“She’s not a sack of potatoes. She’s a person. Or she was a person until you clocked her on the head with a rake.”

Version A continued by jaschmehl and ponderingspawned.

Version B continued by djmatticus.

Version C continued by draliman.

Version D continued by eof737.

Version E continued by CMStewart.

Please feel free to continue any of the versions or start your own.