CRAP! It’s November Already!


How in hell did that happen? Today is Halloween (which I had forgotten about), which means tomorrow is November, the start of National Novel Writing Month (which I had forgotten about).

First, Happy Halloween, even to those of you in countries that don’t celebrate it. Halloween is the best of all holidays. It involves chocolate and zombies. That’s really all you need to know.

Second, NaNoWriMo. GAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! I keep thinking all year, I should really think about what I’m going to write for NaNoWriMo this year, until all of a sudden, it’s tomorrow. This is bullshit. Someone sent the clock forward.

I tried doing it last year and mainly failed. I started out writing a novel. Early on, I realized there wasn’t enough meat for a novel, so it became a novela. I gave myself the self-imposed goal of writing 30,000 words instead of the 50,000 NaNoWriMo requires to win. I couldn’t even manage that. I wrote about 15,000. That’s horrible. I barely made it halfway and haven’t touched it since.

Last year, I tried taking an idea and turning it into a book. It didn’t work out all that well. This year, I’ll try taking a short story that I wrote on this blog called Life In The Hub and turning it into a book. Hm. Doesn’t sound too promising, when I put it that way, does it? Whatever. We shall be soldiering on. All for one, one for all. Or something.

Anyone else participating this year? Want to be my buddy? Let’s encourage each other in failure! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a lot of groundwork to do for tomorrow.