So, Twitter. Sigh. A few weeks ago, one of my lovely readers wrote a post about signing up for Twitter. Today, she read my post A Sentence That No One Has Said and suggested that I start a Twit account where I write a new nonsensical sentence every day. It sounded like a great idea except for the whole Twitter thing.

Having little to do at work with it being Friday–we are constitutionally not allowed to actually work on Friday–I decided to do some reconnaissance. I had forgotten that about three hundred and twelve years ago, I did this very same reconnoitering and signed the Goldfish up with an account. I never posted anything and it never went anywhere. Weeeee!

So, today, after spending about nine hours trying to figure out which email address I used and which password, I am now in control of said account again. It still hasn’t gone anywhere, but now I’ve posted something.

Now, on this blog, in the header on the right hand side up there, you’ll find a Twit link.

Click there for inanity!

And farther down in the right column, you’ll find this box:


You can see what’s been posted on the Twit right there without even having to go to the site. Aren’t I nice?  You don’t have to subscribe if you don’t want to, but it would be nice if you did.

I will attempt to write a new sentence that no one else has ever written every day. We’ll see how long it lasts. Hopefully, it will be longer than a month before I get bored with the idea, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

FoG Trivia: Squizzlewiz is one of the names I call my dog. She has many: Azzlerazz, Kwyjibo, 23 skidoo, Squizznaut, Snazzlebutt, Shizzleboe, Misrabel, Monkey, Piglet, monkeypigdogelephant, Shabadoo, Boop, Hufflepuff and of course, The Hound of Entropy. Her name is Isabel.

And just because we’re talking about her and it doesn’t take much more than that, here is one of Shazbot’s puppy pictures.