If I Could Only See for a Day

Imagine that you’re blind, but you have been granted one day to see.

I’d choose to see my children’s smiles. Oh, I don’t have any children. Never mind. My dog’s smile? Do dogs even smile? No? What about cats? OK then, screw the smiles.

Hmm, one day to see what I shall never see again, or possibly, what I have never seen… Actually, this seems kind of cruel to me. One day is a tease. Have I always been blind or did I go blind at some point in the past?

If I have always been blind and I could see for one day, first, I’d find a mirror to see what I look like. I hope it wouldn’t be too disappointing. Then, I’d invite all my friends over to see what they look like. While I was waiting for my friends to primp, I’d find a computer and do an image search of every single thing I could possibly call to mind, e.g. the color blue, penguins, wasps, tanks, fjords, skyscrapers, clouds, telephones, ponies, clowns, planets, the galaxy, etc. At the end of the day, I’d hope that I’d have enough general knowledge of what the world looks like to make a better go of being blind.

On the other hand, if I did have sight at some point and lost it only to get it back for one measly, mean-spirited day, I would already know what most of those things look like. In that case, I’d just wander around like a regular sighted person, blending in with the crowd. I would imagine that, if I were blind, blending into the crowd would be quite a novelty for me. My work as a graphic designer would certainly be better for that day and my penmanship would be excellent. My hair wouldn’t stick up in the back and my socks would actually match.

To be honest, I’d probably spend a great deal of time making faces at myself in the mirror. Once that was no longer entertaining, oh, say, after three hours or so, I’d go through all of the paperwork I have for everything so that I know exactly what’s in it in case anyone was trying to cheat a poor sightless person, the bastards. I’d go to my favorite restaurants and read the menus to see if there was anything good that I was missing (and to make sure they weren’t overcharging me, the bastards). In my leisure, I might drive a car over to the ocean and look at the waves for a while. I’d watch the sunset and stare at the stars to see if I could recognize any of the constellations. I’d go to bed, visually inspecting my alarm clocks to make sure that they were set correctly and fall asleep in the dark only to have it remain that way forever.