I Never Want To Lose…

… my sense of humor.


I wrote about losing it once in the post MISSING: One Sense of Humor and it really sucked. Fortunately, it came back to me like a homing pigeon. If it hadn’t, I might not be able to continue. My sense of humor is what insulates me from the horrors of this world. I think I’ve got a pretty good one. It’s fast, sleek, pithy and incredibly sarcastic. Whether you like it or not, I do. It is a genuine original and it’s all mine.

Humor is entirely human. Do lions have stand-up comedy clubs? Do anteaters sit around telling stories and laughing? I think not. Only man is able to note the ridiculousness of life and turn it into a joke. It comes as a bonus with our ability to reason. Free sense of humor with purchase. Because we are able to think deeply on things, we are also able to see the absurdity of those things. We find them funny. It is the best part of being a human animal.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to see the humor in situations. If you fall on your ass on the ice, it might not be funny to you right then because you are blinded by the pain and embarrassment. Someone else may find it funny at that very moment though since they aren’t experiencing it themselves. They may involuntarily point and laugh at you because human failings, especially those with pratfalls, are always funny. It won’t be their fault though since laughter is hard to contain. If someone does point and laugh at you, it’s almost guaranteed that it will make you angry. However, as time goes by, you might find it funny yourself. You might even retell the story and laugh heartily at the the time you fell on your butt in front of a crowd of people. Humor is like that; it grows and changes. It’s always on the move.

What was funny to you as a child will probably no longer be funny when you are an adult. Our palate changes with life experience. You’ll have to find new, amusing things that fit your station in life. Generally, the funniest jokes contain situations to which you can relate because you have experienced them yourself. It’s funny because it’s true. You won’t find something funny if you aren’t in on the joke.

There is a cycle of funny. Some things initially start off as hilarious, downgrade to just funny and then go into I’ve-seen-this-before-and-it’s-not-funny territory. Sometimes, gags will make their way all the way back around the circle to hilarious again, but that’s pretty rare. Most of the time, funny is a time-ended phenomenon. Most things are only genuinely funny once. That means humans are always on the prowl for new things to make us laugh.

So, as far as intangible things that I’d never want to lose, my sense of humor is number one on the list. Humor puts things in perspective. It is what gets us through this twisted world full of pain and hardship. I hope I never lose my sense of humor again since it keeps me sane and makes this life worth living.

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