Things I Saw At Lunch Today Part 3

  • A man pushing another man in an electric wheelchair.
  • A man pushing an empty hospital gurney down the street.


  • A woman pushing a stroller with a small child inside who was sporting a mohawk.
  • Countless little Los Angeles Lakers flags or Mexican flags affixed to cars, and only one with both.  Three cars had ¡Méjico! written in dirt on the rear window.
  • A handwritten sign that said “shoes and close,” which admittedly, had me completely baffled until I saw the next handwritten sign that said “yard sail.”
  • Four roadside vendors at the four corners of one intersection selling naranjas, floras, frutas, cocos y tejuinos (oranges, flowers, fruit, coconuts and a Mexican drink). There were no vendors at the next intersection just a half a mile down.
  • A clown in full makeup and gear, including a giant foam cowboy hat and big shoes, waiting at the bus stop.
  • A heavy brick and metal fence surrounding a house, which had been completely smashed to pieces, presumably by a car.  The car was missing.
  • A semi-truck attempting to turn right into a newly erected shopping center. When he failed to make the turn accurately, he scraped the side of a building on his left, while trampling the newly installed landscaping under his wheels on the right, all the while holding up traffic.
  • A man who asked me where my smile was and tried to tell me a joke.  I left before the punchline.