The world owes me. I don’t mean in the “I am entitled simply because I exist” sort of way.  I mean that all of you out there who have turned the world a stinking cesspool of inequality, unfairness and triviality, you owe me. You, who have turned the world into a place where the rich get richer and the humble stumble, where children have their innocence stripped away, where profit is the main motivator for everything, where everything and everyone is fucked, you owe me. You owe all of us. You have turned the world into a place where dreams are untenable, where hope barely exists, where selfishness and greed are the order of the day, and helping people is something only done for a tax write off. You’ve made a place where nobody can be trusted. You have turned the world into something that is barely recognizable. Humanity doesn’t live here anymore.

There once was a time, long before I was ever alive, where a dream was something to be nurtured. If you set your mind to it and worked hard enough, you could achieve anything. Children were told that they could grow up to be President or an astronaut or Miss America. The sky was the limit. But the American dream no longer exists. You have destroyed it for the rest of us.

I’m tired of living in a world where all news is bad news and fake, flash-in-the-pan, reality TV stars are more important than our next door neighbors. The truth is, I don’t care about your celebrities. I don’t know them. They don’t know me. They wouldn’t help me move, bail me out of jail or come pick me up in Bakersfield at 4AM if my car died.  I’m sad that celebrity X, Y or Z will no longer be able to give any more music/words/movies/whatever to the world, but am I sad about Celebrity X as a person?  Not really. Celebrity X made a mark. Celebrity X left a legacy. Celebrity X had a bigger impact than I probably ever will. I won’t cry for Celebrity X.

I’m sadder that there is some guy somewhere right now with a death wish because he just can’t take it anymore. I’m sad that there’s nothing I can do to help that guy. There are people who barely survive from day to day. There are people who are struggling with the most basic needs of existence. There are people – not numbers, not statistics, but people – who are thinking about ending it all right now because they see no way out. It happens every day. I’m sad for the countless struggling visionaries who will never be heard because they don’t have the opportunities we have; that the American dream doesn’t exist for that guy, not for any of us anymore.  And I’m very angry about it.

Where is my social security?  The baby-boomers will take it all.  By the time I reach retirement age, there will be nothing left.  Even the concept of “security” won’t exist. It will be stripped away long before then as the “me, me, me” generations who got there before us will have sucked it all dry, gorging themselves on our money like ticks on a cow.

There will always be evil and greed and selfishness and uncaring and dimwitted assholes. Somehow, injustice and I need to find a way to coexist, because neither of us is going anywhere. Fairy tale lies just aren’t cutting it anymore.  I want to set it all on fire.  I want it all the burn down, but I have allergies so actual fire wouldn’t do. I wouldn’t be able to breathe. Instead, I’m going to burn the world with words. This is my legacy; anger, hatred, disgust.

I am addressing destroyers of worlds, purveyors of lies, promoters of evil – pedophiles, terrorists, murderers, rapists, dictators, liars, cheats, warmongers, religious extremists, con artists, politicians, Wall Street greed machines, multinational corporations, bank executives – the machination stripping humanity away piece by piece and selling it off as a tax-deductible profit. I’m talking to  everyone who hasn’t even tried to make the world a better place, but only thought of themselves. I want you to really see just how fucked up everything is. You need to pay attention to what you are doing. It’s not about the almighty dollar. It is not all about you. It’s not about me, either. It’s not about any of us; it’s about all of us. We all need to share.  Stop ruining everything.  I am giving you the fucking finger like you goddamn well deserve.  Make it right.