Things I Saw At Lunch Today Part 2

In the order that I saw them:

  • A 20-something man driving a car that had “I eat the pussy all day!” written in marker on one of the side windows. He didn’t seem to be eating “the pussy” when I saw him drive by.
  • One small truck the size of a U-haul moving van with “Convoy of Hope” printed on the side. There were no other trucks anywhere near it.


  • A really fat man in an electric wheelchair gliding across the street with a giant Slurpee, the biggest money can buy.
  • A Mexican man in an old Chevy truck that had a giant American flag sticker in the rear window, which said “Hecho en EEUU” (Made in the USA) below it.
  • A woman pushing four small children in a Target shopping cart, easily a mile from the nearest Target.
  • A house with giant, homemade letters made out of tinsel on the roof spelling out JESUS, which I can only presume are lit up at night.