Nano Poblano Winner Badges

If you survived 30 straight days of posting, the least you should get is a stinkin’ badge, right?

I wish it had occurred to me when creating the original badges to leave room somewhere for “winner” since they look awfully cramped now, but hey, beggars, choosers, and I only had 10 minutes to slap these together.

Congratulations to all of you Tiny Peppers out there who posted for 30 straight days. High Five! Grab yourself a well-deserved badge.

And, to those of you who didn’t make it, give yourself a pat on the back for trying. That’s more than people who were sane enough not to join Team Tiny Peppers did. You don’t get a badge though, because this ain’t the kind of party where you get a trophy just for showing up. There’s always next year. See you then.

nanopoblano2015winnerdark nanopoblano2015winner