Shreds of Doubt

Flash Fiction 365 prompt: Shreds of doubt.

God, she hated this feeling that she was stuck with. She wanted it to go away, but it wouldn’t. It kept flashing back to her when she least suspected it, making her heart flutter and leaving a metallic taste in her mouth. She kept shooing it away, but it always came back.

It was only yesterday that everything was normal. It seemed like a lifetime ago now. She had gone into his office, under the guise of tidying up like she had done a million times before, but really she was trying to get a sense of him, to feel his presence. She often went into his office when he was away. She sat at his desk, feeling the smooth leather under her as if he was enfolding her instead. That’s when she found the document.

How could it be? It just wasn’t possible that her handsome, witty, intelligent, successful, charming husband could be guilty. How could the man whom everyone adored, especially his wife, be anything but the man that he seemed to be, the man she knew he was?

After seven years of marriage, she thought she knew every fiber of his being just as she knew every inch of his body, but it didn’t seem to be the case. Everyone has secrets and here she was confronted with his. How many more secrets were there? How could she ever trust him?

She brushed the thought aside again. No. It’s jut not right. She knew him better than anyone. There has to be some other explanation, but she could find none. At the time, sitting in his chair, she made up her mind to ask him, but the nearer the hour came to his returning home, the less her confidence held.

How would she ever be able to ask him? Should she just hand him the paper as soon as he walked in? How would he react? Well, there was nothing to it, but to do it, she reassured herself. She had to remove any shred of doubt one way or another. Either he was the G-word or he was not, but she had to know. The uncertainty was killing her.

She went into the office and sat in the big, brown, leather chair. It always made her feel like a little girl as it was much too large for her and her feet barely reached the floor. She looked at the document sitting squarely in the middle of the desk, willing it to tell her the truth. The grandfather clocked chimed. He should be home in half an hour.