Pterotyrannosaurus Man

Create a super-pet by combining any three animals.

Tyrannosaurus rex, a theropod from the Late Cr...
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I’d start with a Tyrannosaurus as a base, probably the Tyrannosaurus Rex. I always thought that maybe the reason they were so mean was because they had those spindly, little arms. They had no way to hug each other or give each other a high-five when warranted. The best they could do was a chest bump. So, I’d give them some matching, proportionately sized human arms, complete with thumbs, and they’d be much nicer to everyone on the prairie.

With their human arms, they could hug or high-five, and they’d probably be really good at basketball since they’re so tall. They could use a fork and knife to cut up their food and eat it delicately like civilized beasts. As they chewed politely, with their mouths closed, they could discuss which are the tastiest plant-eating dinosaurs, ‘kids these days…’ or whatever it is that T-Rex would discuss.

And since I can’t think of a single creature that wouldn’t want to fly under their own power given the chance, I’d add some proportionately sized Pterosaur wings to the new, nicer T-Rex with human arms. They could fly about, lazily gliding through the air; discreetly swirling down to the ground to snatch up their dinner.

Of course, since I’m the one who gave Pterotyrannosaurus Man their new human arms and ptero wings, I would be their favorite human. We would give each other hugs, do needlepoint and discuss the shabby state of politics in North America. After supper when it was time for bed, since Pterotyrannosaurus Man is a gentleman, one of them would fly me home on his new Pterosaur wings and gently deposit me in front of my abode. As I’d lie there, readying myself for sleep, I’d think of how much nicer life and the T-Rex have been since I gave them human armzzzzzzzzzz.