Alive & Disorderly

My Outlier Collective post is on Stories That Must Not Die today. If you haven’t read it yet, please do.

Stories that Must Not Die

This post was originally published at The Outlier Collective. When it was published, it helped one girl seek help for her anorexia, so we’re reposting it here.

Everyone has something they don’t really like about themselves. If a magic fairy, or maybe just a regular one, allowed you to change one thing about yourself with no Twilight Zone consequences, I bet the vast majority of us could point to some flaw in a heartbeat. You think your nose is too crooked after the Drunken Swimming Pool Debacle of aught-two. Your hair is too frizzy or you don’t have any. Your teeth are crooked or you don’t have any. You hate your skin, your ass, your unsightly unicorn horn… it’s always something.

For most of us, these little deficits that bar us from the ideal standard of beauty aren’t a big deal. We might sigh at ourselves post-shower, measuring our love…

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