Missed Connections

Image from wikimedia.commons

She missed the train. Had she caught it, she would have spilled a stranger’s coffee. A year later, they’d get married and have a child. Five years later, he would stab her seventeen times while their child watched. She would have died slowly, helpless and regretful. She will never know.

Union Station, Los Angeles
Image from Wikimedia Commons

Fifty words written for the Weekly Writing Challenge: Fifty word stories.

64 thoughts on “Missed Connections

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  2. That was really cool. It made me think that we are probably right where we are supposed to be every time we are there.


  3. Those pesky alternate universes. Reminds me of when I came upon a head on crash last year that couldn’t have happened more than a few minutes before given the relatively small backup of cars. What if I’d left a few minutes sooner?


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