My Week In Haiku

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Monday slides into
my world like an awkward teen
fumbling for third base.

Tuesdays, wisdom teeth–
Painful, useless and not wise.
Evolve them away.

Cheap-ass company
Makes us bring food for pot luck.
I brought paper plates.

Thanksgiving food glut.
It’s so damn American.
I need bigger pants.

Ain’t no way, no how
I’m leaving the house today.
Fuck your Black Friday.

Written for this week’s
Daily Post Writing Challenge:
Haiku for five days

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  1. cynkingfeeling

    Re: Wednesday-
    I get so mad when I wait too long for the potluck sign up and miss my chance to bring utensils instead of some store-bought food item since I sure as hell am not baking or cooking for coworkers when I don’t even do it for myself. Thanks for the reminder. The holiday party list should be posted soon.


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