The Art Of Blogging

The art of blogging seems to take a lot of time away from, you know, blogging. What I mean is that setting up facebookery and twittery and changing my theme (again), have eaten up all the time that I normally would spend, you know, blogging.

I haven’t even read any of your posts in two days. You could be lying in a ditch, wishing that I would read your blog and leave an encouraging comment, but I haven’t, so you lose hope and give up trying to claw your way out of that ditch.

That’s probably not likely.

Hopefully, if you were stuck in a ditch and you had a device that was capable of seeing if I commented, you would use said device to summon emergency services instead.

Still, I have no idea what’s going on with you because I’ve been all me me me FOG FOG FOG. Sorry about that.

But the good news is, I like this theme better. I really loved the old theme, except for the fact that there was no sidebar on the individual post pages. You had to click back home to see what’s what. I hated that. Plus, since there was no sidebar, there was a ton of white space. White space is fine and all, but having my words hanging out in the middle of a sea of white put a lot of pressure on them to perform. My words aren’t known for performing under pressure. Actually, nothing about me is known for that.

Anyway, I’ve got the theme basically sorted, except for a few minor bugs. I’ve got a Facebook page and a Facebook profile now, one of which seems redundant. I’m not sure which, but one of them has got to go.

Twitter is confusing and ridiculous. I still don’t have the hang of it. I’ll keep trying until I do. The fact that there are so many friendly faces on there is nice.

This morning, I had some free time, so I decided to write a post, but then I realized that I have nothing to write about. There have been no words percolating in my head, only CSS.

I would like a lackey. I would love a helper monkey to write code and inspired tweets. My lackey would be good at social media and not shy like me. Some of you kindly recommended total strangers to me on Facebook, but I’m too shy to just send friend requests to people I don’t know. My lackey wouldn’t be though. My lackey would just be all up in their Facebook faces with friend request.

Knowing my luck, I'd get a helper monkey who was anything but helpful.

Knowing my luck, I’d get a helper monkey who was anything but helpful.
The Simpsons

Alas, I don’t have a lackey, so I have to do all this crap myself and I’m bad at it, but I’ll keep trying. Bear with me.

There are 44 comments

  1. draliman

    I prefer this theme too!
    I just scrolled to the bottom. What’s all that about you reserving the right to refuse service to anyone wearing pants? I assume by “pants” you’re using the American meaning – in the UK pants are the same as underpants. Do I have to go commando to read your blog in future? That’s a scary thought :-( I’m rambling, sorry.


    1. goldfish

      Ha! It says “reserves the right,” not “automatically kicked off.” :)

      You’re the second person to notice that on this theme. It’s always been there, but it used to be in a widget, not at the bottom.


  2. JackieP

    I have a facebook page and profile too and have wondered if I really need both? I think the page would be enough, right? I don’t understand twitter either and I’ve had it for months. Maybe I’m just too damn old. Nah that couldn’t be it. I love the new theme. Oh and could I have a lacky too? Except make mine an elephant. No one ignores an elephant. ;-)


    1. goldfish

      Having a page and a profile seems redundant to me, but I’m not sure which is better.

      And as for Twitter, maybe sometime I’ll get it but it’s not right now.

      Sure. If I ever get a helper monkey, I’ll have him get you an elephant.


    1. goldfish

      I like having a sidebar everywhere. It just seems easier to navigate than to have to continually click home. I’m not sure if the font is bigger than the last one, but one thing I like about both themes is the large font. It’s just easier to read. So many of these themes have tiny fonts. I don’t get it.


  3. queenlorene

    I discontinued FB out of protest. They allow pictures of rape victims under the guise of “humor” yet will not allow pictures of protesting companies like Monsanto. They are a terrible blight on society and Big Brother.


  4. peacewisdomprosperity

    Something nice #1: I love your new theme! I agree on words floating in a sea of white and no side bar madness! It’s quite relieving find something that finally “flows” better isn’t it? :D
    Something nice #2: Twitter is ridiculous indeed!
    Something nice #3: Thanks for the good read and laugh :)


    1. goldfish

      Thanks! Yes. I really hated the no sidebar on the individual post pages. I like this one much better, although, there seems to be a bug with the header. They designed it so that it’s tiny. They’re working on a fix though. It’s always something.


  5. kirstenhwhyte

    I know what you mean. I can waste hours on themes and tweaking them. You tell yourself you will limit yourself to half an hour. Three hours later . . .


      1. kirstenhwhyte

        I’ve already dabbled a little with code. With the css upgrade I think I’d be a nightmare. I wouldn’t be able to stop until it looked exactly how I wanted it too. I’d lose whole days!


  6. twistingthreads

    Meh, facebook. Says the person who asks you how it was doing just a little while ago, when I could have read this post, which would have told me everything. But…I had to get on and ask a coworker whether we had that health inspection yet, because the anxiety is driving me insane, and it’s my weekend (so I know nothing!), and my muscles are still tired from all that extra scrubbing. No health inspection. Yet. I guess I will resume anxious scrubbing mode tomorrow.


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