Awards: Why Do You Do This To Me?

I now have a bunch of awards in my awards draft, so I guess it’s time to do an awards post. Sigh.


Jen @ Blog It Or Lose It nominated me for an award in the same acceptance post in which I nominated her. No fair. She said I can choose an award and I choose the WordPress Family award because it’s the one with the fewest rules. Thanks!


  1. Display the award logo on your blog.
  2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
  3. Nominate 10 others you see as having an impact on your WordPress experience and family
  4. Let your 10 Family members know you have awarded them
  5. That is it. Just please pick 10 people who have taken you as a friend, and spread the love


Draliman gave me all of those I think. Thanks!

Here are the rules as posted for this multiple award:

  1. Display the Award Certificate on your website. 
  2. Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented you with the award.
  3. Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers.
  4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you have linked them in the post.
  5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

Seven things:


  1. I’m listening to LL Cool J now.
  2. I’m Bad from Def Jam 10th Anniversary Boxset
  3. He’s bad as can be.
  4. I’ve kind of been in a hip hop mood this week.
  5. I am very tired today.
  6. You’d think I wouldn’t be since I slept through all three of my alarm clocks.
  7. I was two hours late for work today. Oops.


Dragons. I have been given dragons by Revis, Not Quite Alice and Twindaddy! The best gift ever! Oh, I didn’t get any actual dragons, just a picture of one? Boooooooooo. Thanks anyway!

I don’t see any rules, but it seems I’m supposed to give you 7 more facts:

  1. Now I’m listening to Slayer.
  2. Public Display Of Dismemberment.
  3. I said I was in a hip-hop mood, but I’m really listening to everything on full shuffle.
  4. My job just gave out new employee handbooks for us to sign saying we’re all at-will employees now.
  5. This means they can fire us for no reason.
  6. With no notice.
  7. But it’s for “the good of the company!” Yeah, right.


I’ve been tagged by Merbear, Fibot and Revis! Oh, noes!

  1. Post these rules.
  2. Post a photo of yourself and eleven random facts about you.

    Self portrait.

    Self portrait.

  3. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post.
  4. Create eleven new questions and tag new people to answer them.
  5. Go to their blog/Twitter and let them know they’ve been tagged.

11 Random Facts:

  1. I really hate mushrooms and raw onions.
  2. Now I’m listening to The Ramones.
  3. Teenage Lobotomy.
  4. I kinda wouldn’t mind a lobotomy sometimes.
  5. I’m all worried about my job now.
  6. It’s a stupid job anyway.
  7. FUCK IT. it’s only money, I can make more.
  8. I would love a nap now.
  9. I’m very hungry since I didn’t take a lunch today because of the 2 hours late dealie.
  10. Now I’m listening to the Dropkick Murphys Wheel Of Misfortune.
  11. That song goes out to Not Quite Alice.

Merbear’s Questions:

1. What’s you’re favorite color?

Mostly, green, but I’m fond of blue and purple and red, too.

2. What is you’re worst vice?


3. Have you ever wished upon a star?

Yes. I certainly have.

4. Do you like the sound of you’re voice?

I do. Although, sometimes I sound just like my mom and it freaks me out.

5. Do you agree that pudding is awesome?

Pudding is totally awesome.

6. If not, why???

I do!

7. Can you touch you’re tongue to you’re nose?


8. Can you burp the alphabet?

Sadly, no. I’ve never been a very good burper.

9. Do you like the smell of fresh cut grass?

I do.

10. Do you feel bad that I am struggling to come up with these last couple questions?

I very much do. I identify with my upcoming struggle to come up with questions at the end of this post.

11. How often do you wash you’re hair?

Every other day generally. Sometimes less, sometimes more.

Fibot’s Questions:

1.  Best holiday you’ve ever had?

Taking a road trip all by myself.

2.  Why?

I could go anywhere I wanted anytime. I was mostly free.

3.  Which holiday destination is at the top of your bucket list at the moment?

I really want to go to Viipuri, Finland (which is now Vyborg, Russia).

4.  Why?

I’d like to see where my grandparents were from.

5.  How many countries have you visited in the last 5 years and what were they?

In the last 5 years?? Damn, I think the total is one in five years and that’s Mexico. I need to get out more.

6.  If you had to choose to give up either gluten, dairy, alcohol or meat which would you choose?

I would choose alcohol. Unfortunately, I am lactose intolerant and can’t eat dairy now. I miss cheese very much.

7.  What is a book you read recently that you’d highly recommend?

I’m currently reading Stalingrad by Antony Beevor and it is fascinating. I love non-fiction.

8.  If you had to describe yourself in 3 words what would they be?

Physically? Tall, blonde and pale. Personality-wise: Snarky, grumpy, tired.

9.  Are you more or less outgoing on your blog than you are in real life?

I am waaaay more outgoing on my blog than in the real world.

10.  Give me 3 recommendations for blogs I should follow?

I would recommend any of the blogs linked in this post.

11. What is your biggest piece of blogging advice?

Don’t be a publishing pussy. :)

Revis’ Questions:

1. What movie quote do you use the most?

Pretty much all of Fight Club.

2. Will you go visit MissFourEyes and ask her about her bowel movements for me?

I will visit MissFourEyes, since I generally do, but I think I’ll refrain from asking her that.

3. Did you actually read all of my answers up there?

Um, maybe.

4. Did you actually learn anything about me from them?


5. What should I know about you that you don’t think I already know?

I’m a leprechaun ninja.

6. If you could pick a theme song for your blog, what would it be?

Sub Hum Ans – Us Fish Must Swim Together (I did a fish search in my music library and that one seems reasonable).

7. Did you like the picture of me that I put up?

Not really. It’s kind of gross.

8. What’s worse: someone loudly telling you that they farted in public, or them not telling you and the smell blindsides you?

I’d much rather have warning. Own it!

9. Can you start giving me money so I can quit my job and blog full-time?

I wish I could do the same.

10. I know I asked this in one of my RTotD posts, but I really want to know: Why are Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands considered international even though they’re part of the U.S.?

Because they’re not states, they are technically territories.

11. You’re walking with a friend at a local store. Your friend starts to scratch their crotch in a very obvious manner. How do you react?

Whatever. Their business.


Combat Babe and Scorpionglow gave me the Sunshine Award. Yay! Thanks!

The Rules:

  1. Post the Sunshine Award logo.
  2. Accept the nomination and link back to the nominator.
  3. Answer the questions.
  4. Nominate ten other blogs and inform them of the nomination.

The Questions:

My Favorite Colour:

Mostly, green, but I’m fond of blue and purple and red, too.

My Favorite Animal:

Fish, of course. And unicorns.

My Favorite Number:

7 and 8.

My Favorite Non-Alcoholic Beverage:


My Favorite Alcoholic Beverage:


Facebook or Twitter:

Neither. I have Facebook and Twitter accounts but I never use them.

My Passions:

I’m not really sure I have any. I guess FOG could count, but I’m not all that passionate about it.

Giving or Receiving Gifts:

I’m a giver.

Favorite TV Shows:

I can’t wait for more Game of Thrones. That show is addictive.

Did I forget an award? It feels like I did.

I think that about does it for the work part. Now comes the work part where I have to come up with nominees. As usual, you are free to take any, all or none of the awards.

I’m going to nominate all of you who took part in FOG’s Mad Lib Challenge Part 2. Thanks for participating! Your answers were hilarious and you’re all winners to me.


alexp01 from Excerpts From Nonexistent Books

Zoe G from behindthemaskofabuse & Buckwheatsrisk

merbear74 from Knocked Over By A Feather

Apprentice Never Master

Katie from Sass And Balderdash

Kirsten H. Whyte from The Rambling Diaries

Cheri from Cheri Speak

Twindaddy from Stuph Blog

Revis Edgewater from 33 Grams of Blog & Stuph Blog

Not Quite Alice from My Rabbit Hole Trips

MainerChick from Mainer Chick’s Living In Maine

jrosenberry1 from Blog It Or Lose It!

11 questions should you choose to answer them:

  1. Would you rather live in a small house of your own or a giant house with a bunch of other people?
  2. What are you reading? Book, blog, magazine, manual for putting your rocket-propelled grenade together, whatever.
  3. What was the last song you heard?
  4. What was the last thing you ate?
  5. How many posts are on your blog?
  6. Are you happy with that number?
  7. What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream (or frozen yogurt for us lactose impaired)?
  8. What’s your favorite day of the week?
  9. If you could live in any fictional universe, which would it be?
  10. What month is your birthday in?
  11. Name a pet peeve.

There are 37 comments

  1. twindaddy

    I don’t much feel like picking an award so I figured I’d grace your comments with answers. Sue me.

    Would you rather live in a small house of your own or a giant house with a bunch of other people? Honestly, that depends on my mood. Sometimes I like the isolation. Other times I hate being alone. I’d lose and win with either decision.

    What are you reading? Book, blog, magazine, manual for putting your rocket-propelled grenade together, whatever. Besides blogs, I’m reading The Krytos Trap by Michael Stackpole. It’s Star Wars, of course.

    What was the last song you heard? Um….I don’t remember what was playing in the car when I got home. Sorry.

    What was the last thing you ate? Fetticini Alfredo.

    How many posts are on your blog? Gawd…over 1200 at least.

    Are you happy with that number? Seems like a lot, but I don’t really feel one way or the other about it.

    What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream (or frozen yogurt for us lactose impaired)? Reese’s peanut butter and chocolate.

    What’s your favorite day of the week? Saturday. Get to sleep in (if Baby C lets me) and stay up late.

    If you could live in any fictional universe, which would it be? Star Wars. Duh.

    What month is your birthday in? June. What did you get me?

    Name a pet peeve. Stupidity


  2. alexp01

    Ugh, mushroom and crunchy raw onions are the worst. I love the taste of onion powder and onion rings, but man that texture…

    Thanks again for the shout-out! I will answer the questions via comment as is my wont:

    01. Small house of my own. Non-significant-other roommates are a drag.
    02. Currently? Harry Potter and the Goblet of Puffy Writing and Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar
    03. Like with lyrics? The last non-instrumental song I remember hearing is “Who” by David Byrne & St. Vincent from Love This Giant . Awesome song that I rushed out and MP3’d.
    04. 90-calorie reduced-sugar granola bar. Yay me.
    05. 1, 202. I just hit 1,200 this Sunday!
    06. Considering that it’s been 1,202 days since I *started* my blog I don’t know how I could do any better :)
    07. Butterscotch or Superman. If they have butterscotch topping I will put that on my Superman and it’s like kryptonite.
    08. Saturday. No work and one more free day to go!
    09. Firefly. Who says you can’t have laser spaceships and cowboy revolvers?
    10. March, the day after spring starts no less.
    11. Apostraphe abuse. It cheese’s me off like its nobodys business’.


    1. goldfish

      wow, 1200! Congrats! Your dedication awes me. :)

      I don’t mind cooked onions, but I hate them raw. Mushrooms are always gross. I am a huge fan of butterscotch and Firefly, and apostrophe abuse is damn annoying.


  3. MainerChick

    Well that’s spiffy. I’m totally indecive on which to pick. (the one with the least amount of work involved probably) ;-) These are intresting questions. Guess I’ll have to get busy. :-)


  4. Revis Edgewater

    Come, on Goldfish. If you ask Miss Four Eyes about her bowel movements, she’ll be happy, because that means you care. Since I gave you all of those awards/tag, I’ll just answer your questions here instead of doing a whole post.
    1.Would you rather live in a small house of your own or a giant house with a bunch of other people? Whichever house has my wife and daughter, cause I’m not leaving them.
    2.What are you reading? Book, blog, magazine, manual for putting your rocket-propelled grenade together, whatever. I’m reading The New Jedi Order series of Star Wars books.
    3.What was the last song you heard? Besides the theme song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? Shout 2000 by Disturbed
    4.What was the last thing you ate? Doritos
    5.How many posts are on your blog? If you mean just mine, it’s 68, although one of those was yours.
    6.Are you happy with that number? I don’t worry about blog numbers. I’m more concerned about fellow bloggers than stats.
    7.What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream (or frozen yogurt for us lactose impaired)? Peanut butter cookie dough
    8.What’s your favorite day of the week? Saturday
    9.If you could live in any fictional universe, which would it be? I’d have to go with DragonLance
    10.What month is your birthday in? July
    11.Name a pet peeve. People who drive 5-10 miles an hour under the speed limit when a cop is around. Drive the speed limit, at least!


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