Happy Opposite Day

Daily Post prompt: Pick a contentious issue about which you care deeply — it could be the same-sex marriage debate, or just a disagreement you’re having with a friend. Write a post defending the opposite position, and then reflect on what it was like to do that.

Gay people are an abomination. Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Men belong with women. The whole purpose of romantic love is procreation and gay people can’t do that. They are unfit parents. I don’t want my children being taught that gay is okay. Stop the homosexual agenda!

I believe the government has a god-given right to tell women what to do with their uteri. We need more legislation controlling abortion. Even if a pregnancy is the result of rape or incest, or puts the mother’s life in danger, there is never a good enough excuse for abortion.

I don’t believe the government should pay for social services of any kind. People should make their own way in this world and not rely on the government to take care of them. 47% of Americans are “dependent upon government, believe that they are victims,  believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it.” Poor people are greedy. They are obviously lazy otherwise they’d be rich.

Illegal immigrants should all be sent home. You can’t come to this country and expect to work and live if you don’t have any skills. We should only allow immigrants to come here if they are well-educated and rich. Most of these illegals are lazy and poor. They don’t even speak English!

Jews are evil. They’re cheap and sleazy. The holocaust didn’t even happen. It’s exaggerated.

Women need to shut up and get back into the kitchen. They don’t deserve equal rights since clearly they aren’t equal to men. They should just be happy we gave them the right to vote at all.

We should just blow up the whole Middle East. All Muslims are terrorists and they want to destroy the American way. America is the greatest country on earth. We need to start more wars to show people who’s boss around here.

Thanks for making me feel icky, Daily Post.

Well, that was gross. Now I feel disgusting. I don’t believe any of that. In fact, I very much believe the opposite of all of that. I don’t put bumper stickers on my car, but I will put them on this post. Images will speak louder than words.

aclu original prochoice pro-immigrant-2 diversity__full564311_189711231149652_1797080389_nproudliberalstarsbuttonthumb NOW_logo



There are 10 comments

  1. Melanie

    It’s so sad that all that is said and believed by people everyday. It’s not sad that there are people that don’t believe any of those things.


  2. electronicbaglady

    scary how familiar that sounded from certain parts of the press…
    it’s almost worth learnign to drive so I coudl buy bumper stickers to put on a car!


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