Dear WordPress

I love you. Really, I do. You are the best. I love your community. I love your features. I love you so much that I just upgraded and gave you money. xoxo.

I love you even though you’ve eaten several of my posts by logging me out while I was writing them and not allowing me to save.

I love you even though, every time I link something on my own blog, you tell me about it:

Someone commented! Oh…

Someone commented! Oh...

I love you even though you keep changing the behind the scenes pages so I never know where to find anything. For example, there are many links that say Fish Of Gold, but I never know where they will take me. If I click on this Fish Of Gold link, will it take me to my admin page or to my blog?

Admin page.

Admin page.

What about this one?



Or this one?



You see what I’m saying here? I never know which link will take me where and they have the same title. And there are two new post links, too. There’s this link:

Screen shot 2013-03-02 at 9.52.08 AM

Which takes you to this ridiculous excuse for a “New Post.”

Screen shot 2013-03-02 at 9.51.22 AM

I can haz blog post, plz.

It’s like a Fisher-Price My First Blog Post.

Screen shot 2013-03-02 at 10.08.00 AM

It doesn’t have even half of the functionality of this one:

How very meta.

How very meta.

Which I have to get to by clicking the correct Fish Of Gold link that takes me to the admin page and and clicking on new post. I can also get there by going to Goldfish, Fish Of Gold, New Post, but I rarely do because I can’t remember if Goldfish, Fish Of Gold, New Post takes me to Fisher-Price’s My First Post or to the real new post page.

Still, those are minor complaints from the memory impaired. I can live with all the different links because it just means clicking on the wrong link, but this I cannot forgive:

Hello 1998!

Hello 1998!

Do you see anything missing there? Like maybe some images? Like maybe all the images?

My Media Library looks like this:

I only use gray squares for images. I like to think of it as sub-Bunuelian satire on modern feminism.

I only use gray squares for images. It's very modernist.

I can’t see images when I’m writing, I can’t see my images when I post them, I can’t see images anywhere. I do not like gray squares and spam.

I don’t even know if I posted the right image in the right place in this post because this is all I can see:

Screen shot 2013-03-02 at 10.43.22 AM

I hope I’m the only one who sees that, but I don’t know.

And it’s not just me that you’re messing with. I just read a Rarasaur post about how she somehow unfollowed everyone.

So, sincerely and from the bottom of my heart, I ask What The Mother F?

There are 34 comments

  1. sortaginger

    Dear Fishie,

    I feel your pain. I went through some of the same things but thought it was because I am on a different hosting site. I thought saying “sorry” to WP was enough, especially since I was still using the WP software. Now I find that I am not alone.

    Of the three things I can even get to show up in my reader for the blogs I follow, this one is on there twice. This means you are not only extra special, but it also might mean WP is glitchier today, even more than usual, or all my “follows” have gone into the ether.

    Good luck on the ongoing blogging journey,



  2. rarasaur

    Yikes! I can see your pictures, but yes, things have been exceptionally glitchy lately. A lot of my readers have talked about an inability to “like” posts, about the lack of notification to messages left on other blogs, or even sometimes their own, and I can’t reply from the notification page anymore, which is a bit of a hassle. Also, when I’m typing long comments like this one, I can’t actually see what I’m typing. I’ve been typing in notepad and pasting in. It seems like all this is recent, though, so I’m hoping it’ll just shape up and get magically better! :)


    1. goldfish

      Oh good. I’m glad someone can see them.

      Yeah, I’ve noticed that replying from the notifications menu (as I’m doing now) doesn’t always work. I’ll probably have to copy/paste this.

      C’mon, WP! Figure it out!


  3. aliceatwonderland

    OMG, I laughed so hard at this. I’ve experienced some of the same stuff, like not being able to “like”, my comments not going through (hello spinny thing), being told I commented on my own blog when responding to comments, and not being able to find how to get to my blog without at least six different clicks. The “Fisher Price My First Blog” bit was classic! You can’t do squat with that. Also, the “I can haz blog post” just sent me over the edge into the giggles.

    I have not lost images . . . yet. I also saw you twice in my reader, though!


    1. goldfish

      Well, if we can’t laugh at life’s little frustrations, we might as well give up.

      Weird! I only posted this once; I don’t know why people would be seeing it twice.


  4. Barbara

    Thank you so much for this, I wonder do they ever read them, it is so annoying!!
    I wrote a request about improving spam, my auntie who is my most frequent commenter often ends up there :( I love your description of the fisher price ‘new posts’. It is SO dreadful!! And useless

    I usually compose posts on my I-pad and then fix them on my computer, but I am having huge gallery problems with my latest post which is why my page looks a bit tumble weedy! I just wish like you that the same buttons would do the same things and realise that 99% of the time we want our Dashboard, nothing else!!

    Let me know if they reply :) xx


  5. beckysaysthings

    Ohhh someone else noticed the mindf**k that is the WordPress warren of admin and confusion. I sometimes think I’ve been lost in a myriad of links and tabs and clicks for days, only to emerge none the wiser, annoyed, and having achieved nothing. Other than that it’s great. :)


    1. goldfish

      Lol. I feel the same. If they would just settle on one redundant and annoying design, I could live with it, but it’s the constant changing that’s really bothersome.

      And, by the way, you can say fuck in here. I, too, am never quite sure when leaving comments whether swearing is acceptable, but fuck fuck fuck. ;)


  6. beckysaysthings

    A prime example has just occured. I’ve changed my gravatar image (what the f*** is a gravatar) to a picture of a stickman. Yet, there, right there, against this comment and the one above, is a picture of my face. Now, I quite like my face – I’m okay with it – but I’d rather have my picture of Stickman. SORT IT THE F*** OUT, WORDPRESS.


  7. electronicbaglady

    oh thank God it isn’t just me!
    great letter – hope it works…
    I always type my post off line and copy it in as I lost so many – sorry to hear it still goes on when you have paid actual money though
    Hey ho :-)


    1. goldfish

      I really need to start doing the writing offline thing. The problem is, I get interrupted a lot. I’ll start writing something at work, save it in a text file and try to finish it at home only to find that I left it at work.

      Strangely, WP has been worse since I gave them money. I think they figured that now that we’re in a committed relationship, they don’t need to bother shaving their legs anymore. ;)


      1. braith an' lithe

        I’ve got this post twice in my reader too.
        Am mightily relieved to see you and reassure have been having all these weird &frustrating issues too. Thought I was probably just being an inept novice…


  8. Kozo

    I’m with you on this one, Goldfish. Why can’t we jump back and forth from our admin to the dashboard like we used to? I’ve had entire days go missing from my reader. I also have had all the response to comments I made on other blogs suddenly disappear even though I’m notified of them on my smart phone.
    {{{Hugs}}} for us all. Kozo
    LOL at the Fischer Price New Post comment.


  9. fibot

    Dearest Goldfish, almost every time I publish a post now I think of this particular one of yours. So much so I’ve now just gone and searched for it so I can write this comment. One of the most irritating things is how you have to approve links back to your own work every time!!! It’s so tedious and there is a box you can check to allow any commenter who you’ve approved before to be automatically approved so why can’t they extend it to links on our OWN work?!

    Anyway, I thought you might be interested to know – you know when you publish a new post it comes up with suggested tags that might also be relevant to the ones you’ve already included? Well every SINGLE time I post I have these as my suggested tags: Aviation, Cars, Gaming, Transportation, Video Games…. WHAT THE?? Funnily enough, the few posts I’ve actually mentioned getting on a plane (for travel) ‘aviation’ and ‘transportation’ HAVEN’T come up, but when, WHEN have I ever talked about cars, gaming or video games?? Anyway – thought you’d appreciate my frustration! :)


    1. goldfish

      Oh, i absolutely hate that you have to approve your own links. I’m the one who linked it!

      I never look at those suggested tags. I will from now on though. How ridiculous.

      I’m so sorry that this is the post you think of, but I’d rather you be paranoid than lose a post.


      1. fibot

        No it’s not a bad thing, I just do it thinking, ‘I feel her pain’ each time. :) Ok, maybe ‘every time’ is a little extreme but I think about this post often and have a little chuckle. I love wordpress too but there are some things that make me wonder if they shouldn’t hire new coding monkeys! :)


        1. goldfish

          Oh, I definitely feel your pain. I love WP, too, but sometimes, they make me scratch my head. Like with the contest I just did, I tried using forms, but it obliterated most of the fields. Good job, WP.


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