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The Request Line

The other day, I showed you how I drew a giraffe and I asked for suggestions on what to draw next.

Caron Eastgate Dann suggested I draw a platypus:

Platypus. Suggested by Caron Eastgate Dann.

Behindthemaskofabuse suggested I draw a dragon:


Kozo suggested I do a calendar of all the Chinese zodiac animals starting with a snake:


But he really wanted me to draw a fox:


And finally, C. R. requested a butterfly:


That’s all for today. I’m spent and I haven’t even written anything. The request line is now closed (maybe).

43 Responses to The Request Line

  1. rarasaur

    The platypus is my favorite, for some reason. I thought it’d be the dragon or the fox, but nope… the platypus just has so much personality. :D


  2. Caron Eastgate Dann

    They’re all great, but I too like the platypus best, especially for its very cute duck bill. I just read a fascinating novel, Mr Chen’s Emporium, by Deborah O’Brien, set during the Australian gold rush in the 19th century, which featured platapuses. Back then, they called them duck-moles!


    • goldfish

      I’m glad. I had the hardest time trying to figure out a pattern for it. Finally, I just said, fuck it, fill it with flowers. ;)


  3. kirstenhwhyte

    Hugging the screen again. I can’t pick a favourite. Oh, okay, the dragon. No, the butterfly. No, the dragon. Gah! You should write a children’s story about them and illustrate it yourself.


      • kirstenhwhyte

        Ha ha! That’s the beauty of editing. Write it with the accidental sweary words and then edit them out for less offence ones, like “oh bottom!” No one will even know they were there. :)


      • goldfish

        True enough. I am working on one actually. The Big Book Of Imaginary Holidays. So far, it’s not very big. ;)


      • kirstenhwhyte

        I’m sure it will be in time :) Maybe you could take a trip with each of the animals you drew. I’m sure they’d all like to go to different places. For example, the butterfly could take you to their favourite flower and the dragon would take you to their favourite cave that was handily located near a large herd of sheep that kept running away from him and he would say “oh bother!” (see, no sweary words!) ;)


  4. braith an' lithe

    It’s a late entry supporting the fox here. I was watching two playing in the snow recently and I think you’ve captured the alertness and spindly legs beautifully.


  5. Kozo

    I’m the year of the snake, but I stealing that Fox for my son’s bedroom. haha.
    I agree with Kristen about the children’s book. The parents won’t even notice the swearing because the pictures are so f#*ckin’ cute. haha
    Thanks, Goldfish. I’m smiling like a snake that just swallowed a hippo. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo



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