Ode To Sweet Black Joy

Daily Post prompt: It’s Valentine’s Day, so write an ode to someone or something you love. Bonus points for poetry!

FUCK POETRY. I originally wrote a series of seven or eight haikus. It was a lot of work actually, but when I went to save it, WordPress had logged me out and erased most of it. What’s posted here is all that was left after WP ate yet another post. I take it as a sign that I’m not supposed to write poetry. This isn’t a haiku and it doesn’t even rhyme, but whatever.


O, divine nectar,

Sweet black joy in a cup.

You are not for everyone;

Only some know your charming wiles.

Away with your drugs!

I need no such stimulus;

Just give me sweet, black joy.

In a post-apocalyptic landscape,

You are the first thing I would miss.

Society can take its electricity and plumbing,

And shove it;

As long as I have you, coffee,

And lots of ammunition,

The world will be alright.

High fucking five.

There are 35 comments

  1. sortaginger

    I can see this being recited in a smoky room, with you wearing a beret (and other clothing). When you finish, there would be a period of silence while the audience pretends to be disinterested, and then they would snap their fingers in approval rather than doing something as common as clapping.


  2. draliman

    Ah yes, a good cup of “Joe” (I believe you Americans say). Just the thing to start the day off right.
    Of course, I’ll read any post which starts with the words “fuck poetry”. In capitals.


  3. beckysaysthings

    Did Shakespeare come up with ‘high fucking five’? Hmm. If he didn’t, he should have. Should’ve pulled his finger out, because Romeo and Juliet would have been A LOT more interesting had Juliet bounced up to Romeo and gone ‘Hey, Romes, we’ve fallen in love! High fucking five!’ :)


  4. omgvivienlopez

    “The world will be alright.

    High fucking five.”

    High fucking five, right back at’cha! :D So cheerful. As a coffee addict, I am with glee as I read this set of haikus. I’m going to read this again while I sip my java in a while.

    Good fortune and a shout of “Carpe Diem,”


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