10 Things I Like Part 2

I have a lengthy series of Things I Hate. It’s on part 20 now. This is only part 2 of Things I Like. Apparently, I hate a lot more than I like. Anyway, I’m continuing with the like:

1. I like being tall. I’m 5’9″. Last night, I was walking down an aisle in the grocery store and a petite lady asked if I could reach the thing on the top shelf for her. She said she’d been standing there for ten minutes waiting for someone tall to walk by. I like wearing heels to make myself even taller, too. Male is 6’5″ and likes to remind me that I’m only tall for a girl, still I enjoy towering over people.

2. I like my dog. It’s really quite ridiculous how much I like my dog. I like my cat, too, but cats are different. My cat doesn’t nearly knock me over when I get home because he’s so happy to see me. My dog does. She makes me happy. It’s really hard to be grumpy or depressed when she’s around. I love my damn dog.


It’s really hard not to.

3. I love when my ipod, Mae, plays exactly what I want to hear when I don’t have a clue what I want to hear myself. Mae will occasionally put together a playlist that I couldn’t have thought up in a million years like the best DJ ever.

3. I love getting random text messages from people who I don’t talk to all the time. I have a friend who lives in Boston. Every now and again, I’ll get a text message from him in the middle of the night (Boston time). Sometimes, he even sends pictures. Every time I get one of these, it makes me smile. It’s nice when people you don’t see all the time think about you.

4. I like hearing a new song and immediately knowing it’s going to be a favorite. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes, you hear something and you love it from the very first note. The same goes for books.

5. I like putting on an article of clothing I haven’t worn in a long time and finding something in the pocket. It’s a mini-mystery. A parking stub from Brooklyn. When was I in Brooklyn? And then the details come flooding back… or they don’t. Either way, it reminds you that even your clothing has history. The best is finding money. Wooo! $20!

6. I like when I’m hungry and don’t feel like cooking, and I remember that there are leftovers in the fridge. For example, I was just thinking about what to have for dinner tonight and I remembered that there is a perfect little Filet Mignon leftover from when Male and I grilled up steaks last night. Mmmmm.

7. I like taking my shoes off when I get home. I might have to put them back on again at some point, but dammit, they are off now. It’s my little “screw you” to the fact that I have to wear shoes all day. Boooo to shoes.

8. I like being outside. I live in southern California, so I get to be outside almost year round. We have a covered patio so I can even be out there in the rain. That’s where I can usually be found on weekends and weeknights. I feel claustrophobic now whenever it’s too hot or too cold to sit outside. I’m spoiled.

9. I love playing Mahjong on my phone. Actually, it’s more like I’m obsessed with playing Mahjong on my phone. I don’t mean that sissy solitaire game that seems to prevail, but the real deal, the four-player Chinese version:

The best game ever.

The best game ever.

Fortunately, I’m not playing with real money or it could lead to real trouble.

10. I love hats. Just look at how many different kinds of hats there are! I mostly wear a trilby, a short-brimmed Fedora like Mr. Frank Sinatra is sporting here…


or snap caps (a.k.a. bunnet, jeff, newsy, ivy, scally, driver’s, flat caps, et cetera.), which look a little like Mr. Brad Pitt’s chapeau…


but I love ladies hats. I want to bring back ladies hats. The flashier, the better. Like Marlene Dietrich…


Or Claire Trevor…


Or Barbara Stanwyck…


Or Bette Davis…


Or Grace Kelly…


Now those are some hats. Feathers, veils and brims for days. I want those back. Ladies, let’s all go out and buy fancy hats.

More: Part Three.

There are 43 comments

  1. behindthemaskofabuse

    My Hubby is 6ft ‘8″ and I’m 5ft ‘1″ lol Hubby gets asked all the time to reach things for people, in fact i ask all the time to reach things for me, but that might be in part do to the fact that he always put things up high where i can’t reach them…lol


  2. Melanie

    I like hats, but I like baseball hats. I have dozens of them. Lady hats scare me a bit, but probably because I don’t have the dresses to go with them. I also like knowing you wear heels. I don’t know why.


    1. goldfish

      I can’t wear baseball hats. They look silly on me. The lady hats are a bit scary. I must admit, I’d be a mite intimidated to walk around in public in them, but I would, provided I had the rest of the outfit to match.

      I don’t wear heels as much as I used to because of a bum back, but I break them out from time to time. :)


      1. braith an' lithe

        I like that you wear heels too, because I unconsciously start building a little image of someone in my head, that is there in the background while I read their words, un-noticed until a new factoid confounds my cliched brain. I think I’d allocated you the 10 hole Docs I had and loved many years ago ;-)
        I like that I’m tall too – but in Scotland, I only have to be 5ft7ins to be tall!


        1. goldfish

          Just to add more confusion, I did have a pair of 10-hole Docs until my roommate’s cat peed in them. I never replaced them. Now I have a pair of army-navy surplus combat boots. I alternate between those and jeans, and dresses and Steve Madden’s when it rains.

          Today, I am wearing black Adidas superstars like Run-DMC used to wear. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adidas_Superstar

          I am a woman of many shoes. :)

          Another thing I like: how there’s a wikipedia page for EVERYTHING.


          1. braith an' lithe

            Haha I’m glad I got the docs right. I had a moment after I clicked ‘post comment’ when I wondered whether ’10 hole docs’ made any sense outside the UK.
            I have so many shoes I’m not even going to look at that Adidas superstars link…


      2. Melanie

        That little tid-bit taught me a lesson about judgement. When you posted that you had posted one (and only one) picture of yourself, I went to find it and I didn’t picture you as one in heels.
        When I win the lottery, I’ll have a blog buddies bash and plan one night for dress-up and lady hats like the KY Derby.


  3. The Cutter

    I once made a list of things I don’t like and it was so much easier to do than things I do like. Oddly all of the things I do like are food.

    As for #3, we are obviously on COMPLETELY opposite ends of the spectrum.


  4. braith an' lithe

    Bizarrely, I was lying in bed last night wondering what the difference was between a trilby and a fedora. Now I can sleep easy!
    I love hats. Love them. But have a big issue with ladies hats. One size fits all? Like hell it does. In the UK, men’s heads are allowed to be as many sizes as shoes, while women apparently all share the same pea-sized head. Or occasionally, S, M or L. So all my life, I’ve worn men’s hats. Which are cool, but sometimes I’ve longed for a little black veiled number…
    Rant over. Your dog is a cutie. My days would also be much the poorer without the straightforward unconditional happiness my hound greets me with.


    1. goldfish

      You’re welcome! I had to look up the trilby, too. ;)

      Yeah, I wear men’s hats too for much the same reason. I wear a size small in men’s which is something like a medium in women’s. The one size fits all thing is bunk.

      Dogs are awesome.


  5. sortaginger

    I wanted Anne Hathaway’s hat from the airport scene in “The Dark Knight Rises”. She looked like a movie star going to catch a flight. Which I know she is, but you know what I mean.

    I am also 5′ 9″, the kid is getting close to it (that is considered tall on his father’s side; I am the shortest on my side of the family). While I am OK with it today, I do wish that all the jeans companies had made tall sizes when I was teenager like they do now. Girls today may never have to know the pain of only having high-water denim every time rather than just through a growth spurt.


  6. twindaddy

    Dearest Goldy,
    I like this post. I like your Things I Hate features because everyone loves a good bitch-fest now and again, but I really liked this post and this glimpse into your personality.


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