The Middle Finger: The Jolliest Finger Of All

This is what my WordPress site stats look like for the last few days:


For some reason, my stats called to mind an article I read about the ACLU defending a woman’s right to put up Christmas tree lights in the shape of a big middle finger.

I can’t imagine why my stats would have reminded me of this article, but I have to say, a big thumbs up to the ACLU for defending this woman’s right to freedom of speech. If I wasn’t too lazy to put up Christmas lights, I might do the same in solidarity.

Thanks for your support and Merry Middle-finger-mas!

There are 11 comments

  1. sarahmarion8

    i want stats like that!!! i guess i will just have to give someone the finger tomorrow while i yell, how do you like them stats??!!! it will make no sense, but i can create a backstory and then i can blog about it. thank you!!


  2. rarasaur

    There’s a middle finger theme going on in my life right now. I’m thinking all the little references to the middle finger gesture are a cosmic message of some sort. Maybe I’m supposed to light a giant middle finger in Christmas lights, too! (This post made me smile. :) )


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